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Pink Monitor Desk Mount MU6001

Single Monitor Desk Mount for 17''-32'' Monitors MU6001-A


Single Monitor Desk Mount for 17''-32'' Monitors MU6001-A


Different from most black monitor mounts, this mount is creatively designed in pink. This pink monitor stand let you get away from the serious office atmosphere and make your working space more lovely and lively.

Single monitor mount

This single monitor mount widely fits most 17’’-32’’ monitors and loads up to 17.6 lbs. It is compatible with VESA hole patterns of 75x75mm and 100x100mm. It works with most monitor brands in the market, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Alienware, AOC, Asus, BenQ, LG, NEC, Planar, Samsung, ViewSonic, etc.

Full motion monitor desk mount

The monitor desk mount is fully adjustable with 180° swivel, 360° rotation, 135° tilt, extension, and height adjustment. Extend the monitor up to 19.66’ for full adjustment. Swivel left or right to share your screen. Tilt up and down to reduce glare. Rotate for portrait or landscape mode. The height can be adjusted from 6.9’’-16.9’’. Less strain on your back and neck, more focus on work. The ergonomic monitor mount is beneficial to your health as well as working efficiency.

Unique pink monitor stand

Unlike most monitor mounts on the market that are designed in black, this monitor arm is painted in cute pink. Pink is the color most often associated with charm, sweetness, and romance. If your office or house is designed in a warm and cozy style, this pink monitor arm will fit right into it. If the decor is simple and sleek, it will add a lively atmosphere to it. The pink monitor mount will help refresh your mind at work in a colorful and lively environment.

Retain a clutter-free desk

The single monitor desk mount will help save up some desk space and reduce clutter. Normally, placing a monitor on the desk will take up a lot of space since it will need to be attached to a large base. This monitor desk mount can hang a monitor up and its base only occupy the edge of the desk. It will free up space on your desk, making it more spacious for other office accessories. The built-in cable management system allows you to easily hide your cable into the cover under gas spring arm. Cables and cords can be organized and be invisible from sight. No more mess on your desk and get a clutter-free desk.

Installing a single monitor mount

The single monitor mount is easy to assemble and setup with all necessary hardware and a detailed user manual prepared in the package. There are 2 ways to install this desk mount, which are c-clamp and grommet. C-clamp mounting is for a desk without holes while grommet mounting is for a desk with holes. Both of them fit a desk with thickness of 0.39"-3.54" or a hole diameter of 0.39"-3.15". The installation can be done in 4 steps.

  1. Choose the proper mounting base and install the base. C Clamp or grommet mount.
  2. Connect base, lower arm, and upper arm.
  3. Attach the VESA plate to the monitor.
  4. Slide the monitor onto the arm and secure it with a bolt.
Monitor size 17'' to 32''
Arm loading 4.4-17.6 lbs.
Arm Single arm
Swivel 90° left or right
Tilt 90° up or 45° down
Rotation 360°
Extension 19.6''
Height adjustment 6.9''-16.9''
VESA holes 75x75mm and 100x100mm
Mounting C-clamp or grommet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Really great minus one thing!

Assembling was super easy and once i figured out how the arm worked i was super happy! But then i took off the pink part and saw this crack :( so far its not affecting how the arm works, but im still sad about it. If it weren't for that I'd rate 5 stars. Still very much worth it

Kim S.
theres a fix... kind of.

Originally I reviewed these with prejudice. The first two i bought, out the box, like most other people I couldnt get the monitors to stay upright no matter how much force of my own body weight I put into them. 5 hours of struggling and no amount of physics or power seemed to hold them up. 2 27 inch curved monitors, perfect fit, but I knew they were WAY under the max 18lb weight limit. So I thought they were defective, so I sent them back.I really needed my monitors mounted again so with some advice, a friend who ordered the same ones gave me advice on a workaround for my original problem. So with some reservations I ordered them again. Got them up and they seemed fine, One I didnt have a problem with, the other held for maybe a day, before it started slouching. Granted it held, but every couple of hours I had to adjust and it was really annoying. So I decided to bring in the creativity.I should point out these have a major design flaw to where when youre trying to sit the monitor upright on the bracket, you do actually have to hold it in the position you want, and then tighten the bolt to get it to stay. I had a helper come in and assist me, so after a little time and elbow grease, nearly stripping the nut and bolt, we found out that from the factory, they installed the nut backwards. So we took it all apart, and after a good bit of high strength Teflon tape around the bolt, and some spare washers it holds like its actually supposed to now. also they're not the most solid so if you have them fully extended out like mine are they're a bit wobbly, but the base surprisingly on these are pretty solid. I cant fully recommend them to someone unless you're gonna put a little extra time and money to get them to hold how they're supposed to.


Can use better mounting hardware.

Amazing mount for awkward desks!

I have an awkward desk to where my monitor would have to sit uncomfortably close to the end of the ledge so I decided to try a mount, I picked this one because of the range of motion and that it allows for the “up and down” movement since my ledge is higher then my viewing angle, when I did first out this together I ended up installing the wrong side to the base so pay close attention to the stickers that are labeled which end is to go in which way, I also seen some reviews were costumers where upset saying that their monitor was to heavy and it wouldn’t hold the screen at the angle they wanted however to fix this issue you need to take the Allen keys and tighten and loosen the given points, there are two the arm and then the part where your monitor is able to tilt up and down, if this isn’t tightened while your monitor is held in the position you need it in it will just slide facing down but this is an easy fix and and is universal so all you need to do is just tighten the screw, all the equipment needed is given in this kit as well, another thing I think I have to mention is I love that this is a quick release mount, you attach the mount then lift up slide in and secure, makes it a lot easier for the people who are installing this alone with no help, also cable management is nice, no cables running up and down they have a nice little compartment to snap them into so it runs down behind your desk with no clutter, I have a 27 inch curved Dell gaming monitor and I had to use the washer to get the mount to work , I feel it is very secure just using the clamp to the desk method and fell a lot better knowing that my monitor won’t slid off the ledge of my desk now,

Nicole Frias
Works great with the small Cintiq 16!

Fits my smaller model Cintiq 16 really well. You do have to use the little rubber/plastic washers intended for curved monitors for it, lest you want your tablet to wobble. You may or maybe not need a buddy to hold the mount upright while you tighten it to your table.

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